We support and encourage volunteers in our school. Volunteers make a difference to many people—students, families, teachers, and the entire community.  Each volunteer who will have direct contact with students must receive initial or renewal training from a district school and submit to a Sex Offenders' Registry check.  Volunteer training will address bloodborne pathogens, sexual harassment, and volunteer procedures at the local school. Volunteer training must be completed every school year.  In addition, any volunteer who will work with students without supervision by school staff  (for example, to volunteer as a field trip chaperone) must submit to and pay $25 for a background check through RAPTOR.  Background checks are good for 3 years.  If you are unsure if your background check is up-to-date, please call our front office at (864) 397-1400.  We would be happy to check on this for you.

Additional Information and Reminders for Background Checks

*All background checks must be processed through the School District of Pickens County. We cannot accept background checks run by another agency, school district or individual.

*Background checks are effective for three school years.

*The cost of the background check is $25 and must be paid by the volunteer through RAPTOR.

*Volunteers who need background checks should arrange to have them completed early in the year. Background checks must be requested and paid for two weeks before the date of any field trip.

*Please allow two weeks prior to the date of your volunteer activity for the processing of your background check.

Please also check out the SDPC Volunteer Information Web Site to learn more about volunteering for the School District of Pickens County.