COVID-19 Transportation Changes

The School District of Pickens County has changed dismissal times for the 2020-2021 school year. Due to this, CAA will dismiss at 1:45 PM. If you need to sign your child out early, please do so before 1:15. 

Also, for health safety reasons this year, teachers have been asked to not touch car door handles. Therefore, your child will need to open his/her door during morning drop off and/or afternoon pickup.    

Transportation Procedures

Drop Off
Students may be dropped off between 7:25 AM and 8:00 AM at the covered portion of the sidewalk. At 8:00 they are tardy and parents must bring their child into the front office to sign them in.

Parent Pick-Up Information:

Rearview Hangers
Rearview mirror hangers will be used again this year for parent pick-up identification. These hangers have your child's number that will be called at parent pick-up. These numbers are used as a safety measure to ensure that your child gets into the correct car. Please be patient with us on the first few days as it will take additional time to get all the children loaded.

Pick-Up Authorization
We ask that you hang the rearview hanger on your rearview mirror for the caller and car loader to see. If you do not have a hanger, you will be asked to park and come in to the front  office to show picture identification for verification. This way we know that the person picking up your child is the one authorized to do so. Two rearview hangers are given to parents at the beginning of the year free of charge.  Additional hangers may be purchased from the office for $1.00.

We ask that you enter the school from the front entrance (for grades 4K-1st grade) and drive around in the right hand lane. Students in grades 2-5 are picked up on the bus loop.  Parents are asked to park behind the buses.  Students in grades 2-5 with younger siblings (grades 4K-1st) will be dismissed to the front loop to sit with their younger sibling.

The bell rings at 2:30 PM for students who are going to be car riders. We begin calling numbers as soon as ALL car riders are seated and SILENT. We will enforce no talking with the children to make sure that everyone can hear their name being called and will allow parent pick up to move much quicker. The driver will then pull forward to a colored cone and the school staff will load the child. We will load all six cars and then motion for the line to move. To maintain safety during the process, parents need to stay in the car loading lane until the cars have been released. Please try to pick up your child no later than 2:45 p.m. If you are not here by 2:45 PM, you will be asked to come in the school and sign out your child. Students not  picked up by 2:45 are sent to After Care and parents will be charged the $10 per day rate.

Early Pick Up
When unavoidable circumstances require early pick up, please notify the school. Unexcused early pick-ups will be counted as an unexcused tardy. Please refer to the student handbook for the procedure we will follow starting at 5 unexcused tardies. Excused tardies follow the same guidelines as excused absences, also found in the handbook.  In accordance with the district handbook, students are not to be signed out after 2:00 PM.